CPD rules in Northern Territory


As of 1 October 2012, practitioners are required to complete a minimum of 10 CPD points in a CPD year. The CPD year begins on 1 April and ends on 31 March the following year. 

Under the Law Society of the NT legal CPD scheme, a legal CPD activity must:

  • be of significant intellectual or practical content
  • deal primarily with matters related to the practice of law 
  • be relevant to the practitioner's immediate or long term professional development needs


The 10 points must include at least 1 point in the core competency areas;

  • Professional ethics and responsibility (including, for example, conflicts of interest and lawyers duties to court); and
  • Practice management and business skills (including, for example, risk management and business planning); and
  • Professional skills in legal practice (including, for example, plain English drafting and communication and interpersonal skills).


NT practitioners can earn legal CPD points for participating in legal CPD activities relevant to the practitioners’ current and future needs to engage in legal practice. 

  • For attending a seminar or multimedia or website based program (including our live online web seminars), 0.5 CPD point accrues for each 30 minutes of attendance.
  • For private study involving the use of audio or video material (including our audio and video seminar recordings), 0.5 CPD point accrues for each 30 minutes of study. However, no more than 5 CPD points may be claimed for private study in a CPD year.
  • A legal practitioner, who accrues CPD points for participating in a CPD activity within 3 months before the start of a CPD year, or within 3 months after the end of that CPD year, may claim the points for that CPD year. However, the legal practitioner may claim CPD points accrued for the activity for only 1 CPD year.


For Full details of the Northern Territory CPD requirements please visit the Law Society of Northern Territory.



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