In-house training – it’s all about you


Want to reduce the time and costs involved in training your staff, while providing them with the best possible information? Then why not have Legalwise Seminars deliver a tailored course at your workplace. Our experts can customise the content and delivery specifically to suit your needs. It's an ideal option for small to medium sized groups.

Our in-house training solutions offer:

  • savings on seminar fees, staff travel costs and minimal disruption to their work 
  • practical training solutions to meet your specific needs 
  • industry experts known for their extensive knowledge, experience and engaging presentation skills will facilitate your program 
  • flexible course content, timing and delivery 
  • quality programs and materials to keep 
  • increased relevance and applicability to your particular business or industry.

Popular programs suited to customisation and in-house delivery:

  • Legislation Updates
  • Technical Updates: Tax & Superannuation
  • Practical SMEs Strategies
  • Accounting Practice Management
  • Tax and Commercial Disputes
  • Personal Development
  • Insolvency
  • Auditing
  • Financial Reporting

Like to know more about our in-house training? Contact Lan Zhao at or call 02 8070 9904.



"Great, fantastic to see such esteemed authorities on the subject area all gathered together and contributing/engaging with each other’s presentations."

Delegate - Use of Indigenous Land: The Legal Issues, Sydney, November 2017





, Use of Indigenous Land: The Legal Issues

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